Wwoofers' Diaries

A page for WWOOFers at Mahalo organic minifarm!

Red's Passing

It was a cloudy day and the sun filtered down gently as we all worked steadily on various projects here at Mahalo. Stefan on the stone walkway, Jason on the foundation of the cabin, and the lovely new Wwoofer Nora gathering sticks for fires. I worked on building a wood chip walkway down the south facing gardens, reflecting on all the delicious food that will be grown during this new season. 

Meanwhile the hens and both roosters, Red and Fireworks pecked away at the green nibbles tossed their way and preened themselves in the afternoon rays. Later that day when Travis was home, Luz Elena let us know it was time one of the roosters be honored and put to rest. It was decided the larger and oldest resident rooster at the farm, Red would be the one to be honored. So Luz Elena, Travis, Nora and myself burned herbs and said our peace about Red the Rooster. Travis ended up using an axe, and then him and I plucked some of Red's beautiful feathers. He was then fully dressed all the way and was marinated in a bottle of red wine and tomatoes for days, and then cooked beautifully by Stefan. We then all honored him in the highest with a delicious and bountiful feast. 

Oh Red the Rooster. He was a beautiful soul.