Wwoofers' Diaries

A page for WWOOFers at Mahalo organic minifarm!


Spring is in full bloom here at Mahalo. 

Both are beautiful.

Both are infused with a sacred magic and a peaceful stillness that dances along the edges of bubbling laughter. 

I arrived a few weeks ago when the cool wind whipped the bare arms of the trees and the flowers were just rushed, excited thoughts. Now everything is overflowing with change and there are new colors, smells and textures each day. 

I sleep beneath the stars each night with my cat Elliott in a little turquoise tent and have helped with lots of various projects around Mahalo. So far I've planted strawberries, helped reorganize the compost bins, made new vegetable beds, haul mulch and rocks around to the various plants, and along with an inspirational, insightful and wonderfully lovely wwoofer Nora; made a beautiful stone step walkway down the vegetable beds.

As a wwoofer we've had the pleasure of full moon hiking, getting involved/watching music sessions at the house and in Mahalo, eating dandelion pancakes, going and getting raw milk at a local farm and other countless adventures each day. I'm appreciative and happy to be a part of such a welcoming, supportive and creative center, and am very grateful for my time here.