Wwoofers' Diaries

A page for WWOOFers at Mahalo organic minifarm!


I could not have asked for a better place to have my first WWOOF experience. My short visit to Mahalo Art Center has flown by in an instant. And yet each day has been full of so many beautiful experiences; it seems impossible to only have been ten days. The landscape of Brattleboro is idyllic and the community of people at Mahalo is inviting and open. Conversations overflow with sincerity, thoughtfulness and inspiration. 

My projects were based around permaculture landscaping and caring for Mahalo’s gardens of fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible plants. My fellow WWOOFer, Jessica, is so knowledgeable and has generously provided endless guidance (plus laughter and conversation!).  Luz Elena has been incredibly kind in encouraging me to be mindful. On days when I awoke bursting with energy, I was able to take on larger tasks: digging into the earth, moving stones, and carrying buckets of fertilizer and mulch.  On more restful days I was able to reflect, to explore, and try new things like homemade dandelion pancakes, raw milk from a nearby farm, a moonlight hike and more. I leave Mahalo with immeasurable gratitude and know the seeds of personal insight will continue to spawn.  So will my inoculated mushroom log!