Wwoofers' Diaries

A page for WWOOFers at Mahalo organic minifarm!

A new page in Mahalo's book...

Welcome to our new section, WWOOFer's diaries! 

My name is Tatiana Kovacs, and I'm a WWOOFer. If you never heard about the WWOOF program, just visit http://www.wwoof.net to learn more. Long story short: it's an awesome exchange program for volunteers in organic farms. You can travel the world and learn everything about organics at the same time! Isn't it wonderful? 

Since 2013, Mahalo farm has been part of WWOOF-USA and has been hosting people from all around the world. To be a WWOOFer at Mahalo is an unique experience, because it's a minifarm - so the tasks are way different from a big commercial farm - and because this is a blessed, peaceful space for art, meditation and healing. 

Mahalo Art Center | Photo: Tatiana K

Mahalo Art Center | Photo: Tatiana K

So, one of my tasks during my stay is to help with the website and this page. We'll be publishing and re-publising WWOOFing experiences, pictures, videos and more. We hope you'll enjoy it! WWOOFers, feel free to share your experiences in the comments. Farmers: we'll do our best to answer questions about the WWOOF program and what you need to know before you join the organization. Everybody: have fun and share the love!