Children & Teen Programs and Camps

Gathering In Gratitude Summer Camp
Gaia's Nature Arts Mini-camp
Gaia's Young Women

In summer, 2017, Mahalo Art Center with Luz Elena Morey are offering several programs. The website is being updated with details.
CALL 802-451-9495 if you want more information sooner: 
Two programs for children:
Gathering in Gratitude (Aug. 7 - 13, for children 7 and older)  
Gaia's Nature Arts Mini-Camp (July 31 - Aug. 4 from 9am - noon, for children 4 and older)
Three programs for teens:
Gaia's Young Women (intro and advanced: July 31 - Aug. 4, for young women and older girls 11 years old and up)  
Gathering in Gratitude (Aug. 7 - 13, for people from 7 - 70+ years old)
Our programs are tailored to attend to the healthy evolution of each unique individual and group. 

Luz Elena has a calm, joyful presence ... [the children] LOVED having the chance to choose their own characters (from fiery lighting to the serene moon). Luz Elena also allowed the children to help craft many details of the production. Her approach gives children the chance to express themselves and feel ownership and investment in the end product.
— Laura White, fourth grade teacher, Green Street School, Brattleboro, VT
I learned that I must take care of myself so my energy is more positive and loving.
— teen participant